There are few contentious factor for the bathroom vanity wholesale; the height being one of them. Now there is no denying the fact that your bathrooms reflect unique style with its accoutrements. More importantly, there are certain elements which remain a standard across the board despite the preferences. Very few people consider the height of the bathroom vanity. So let us find out about the optimal height.

As you know the bathroom vanity's height has a critical role in the ease of use and aesthetic appearance of your bathroom. They need to be at an height which helps you in doing the basic things like washing your hands, prepping up for the day and so on. So it is obvious that the height is optimal. When we mention optimal height, a lot of architects and also the sellers of bathroom vanity wholesale agree that the standard bathroom vanity height is around 30 to 34 inches although it may not be the case for all bathrooms. Take a look at the few factors down below:

  • First, there is this standard height where in the bathroom vanity are positioned at 30- 34 inches. Now this height may be ruled out against what the homeowners call a "comfort height". Comfort height stations the bathroom vanity at 36 inches. This slight increase in height is advantageous for people who are a little taller than usual.
  • The second point to consider is the number of people who are to use the bathroom vanity cabinets; they should aim for accommodation for all. Now here comes the tricky part. In technical terms, the ideal height of the vanity cabinets for men should be 34 inches whereas for females, it should be around 32 inches. Therefore, it is best to have an average of these two heights which makes sure that there is accommodation for all users.
  • Finally, you really need to take the existing feature of your bathroom vanity wholesale under consideration. If you plan a remodel, do consider what is already in your bathroom for the purpose of decor. Some people cannot do away with the existing accents.

Modern bathrooms are no more a place which have the quaint design language. They ooze a certain amount of your personality to add warmth to the overall style. Hence, GRD Home Improvement has come off with some of the most bespoken designs of bathroom as well as kitchen vanities.